How do you even blog about flossing? Yeah, I get it, it is important and all of that, but seriously! When I decided to blog about The Sunscreen Song, I had a couple of ideas as to what I learned from it and what I would say about it. But having to write a post about FLOSS is really above my mental capacity at the moment and I have been putting off this line for quite some time. But I really do want to get to the next line of the song, so bear with me as I share my valuable experience with you.

If I am going to blog about dental floss, I need a featured image, right? Right. And that’s where I got stuck. Instead of sharing a somewhat inspiring message of something I experienced, I decided to share this very random cute drawing with you instead. It is done by kotoffei on Deposit Photos.

Don’t forget to floss! Or whatever.

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