It has been seven months since I kind of permanently joined an agency. But why? Why give up seven years of freelance “freedom” for working for someone else? First of all, I did not give up anything. Secondly, well, there is no secondly really. It was definitely not the easiest decision I have ever had to make in my career, but here is why:

Stability and routine:
Creative people are messy. And I am not just talking about my office (which I cleaned up by the way!) I am talking about life messy. We create routines and we break routines all the time. We set boundaries and break boundaries and we borderline everything. Working for an agency does not work like that. You have set hours, set ways and rules and regulations. As boring as this may sound, it is actually just what we need sometimes; a routine of stability.

Less paperwork:
This was probably at the top of my cons list! I hate paperwork. And the nice thing now is that I can make it someone else’s problem.

You don’t realise how stagnant you become when working from home alone. You forget what it is like to randomly bounce an idea off someone else – be it work-related or not. Working for an agency requires collaboration and I am really enjoying that.

Likeminded people:
We all have one thing in common: the agency. We work as a team and with the same clients and share a communal consciousnous about what is going on at the office. It is like having a family you know nothing about but value anyways.

Working on your own, you deal with mostly the same clients. It never bored me at all, but sometimes it just does not make your clock tick anymore. You get to know your clients and you understand what they like and need, so it is easy to do it right the first time around. Now I get to work with a variety of people I don’t know all that well, so the challenge to be creative is bit more of a challenge. This is where collaboration is also a plus point.

Small talk:
How I missed that! A while ago I wrote a post about freelance challenges and getting lonely was one of the points. Everything in moderation, though. Work hard, play hard.

Yup, we have a coffee machine at work too. And I don’t have to always make it myself or wait for Hubbles to do it!

Being appreciated:
Sure, clients say thank you and tell you that you’ve done a great job, but being part of a team that congratulates AND celebrates with you is beyond many things.

On the topic of congratulations and celebrations; it is nice to work with someone on a project and be able to look at the outcome and tell your partner in crime: well done.

Someone’s got your back:
Always. If you are afraid of stuffing up alone, ask someone else’s opinion and rather make sure the damage won’t be that great. Two minds are better than one!

Freedom to explore:
My position is half-day and I am free to explore the rest of the time. Within boundaries, of course!

As I am typing this I realise how many pros there are working for an agency. I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of a team and glad that I took on the challenge. I am having fun doing what I love, no matter where I do it.

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