People often say things out of habit and because they think it is the right thing to say. Your normal “how are you” and “good thanks” and “happy new year” are great examples.

Recently a friend of mine posted this onto Facebook and I thought to myself that more generous wishes could not be wished. That lots of thought went into this and that it is not just a phrase that has been shouted a thousand times before. I truly am thankful that she sprinkled so many happy thoughts upon her friends. And I feel blessed because I am included.

happy new year

So, maybe for the year that has just landed upon us, we could all reconsider our verbal habits. Don’t ask someone how they are if you don’t really want to know. If someone asks “how are you?” think about it for a little while. We are not all “good” everyday. Somedays we are doing GREAT. If a person asked you how you are, certainly they would appreciate the fact that you are great and not just fine?

After thinking about this for a couple of days I decided: My sincere wish to you for the next 365 days is to be inspired by the people you know and – in return – be an inspiration to them… and to the people you do not know.

Many hugs


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