I was walking through a shopping centre the other day – quickly to get something completely random – when a foreigner from a free standing stall cornered me. “Excuse me, miss…” I always find it hard to just ignore these people so I turned around looking as busy as I possibly could. “What skin range do you use?” I have to think twice now. I recently switched over to a new one for the third time in six months (and I am still using a bit of all three). Nivea. I suppose I use Nivea. “Do you ever wear make-up?” Now this is an answer I know. No. I know. NO. Well, I do, but not as a rule. Mind you, I hardly ever do wear make-up. Not only do I think that it could not possibly be good for you to wear make-up every single day of your life, but I also think the effort of getting it off before you go to bed is not worth the pretty dreams I am about to have.

He continues “You remind me of my friend in Israel…” Ooh, wait, I have a friend in Israel too. No, that’s somewhere else. Never mind. “Can I quickly show you this range of extremely natural make-up…” Blah blah blah, something about hardly seeing it, hardly feeling it along with a list of other advantages of nearly the same values. I suppose I would not have felt half as offended as I did if he did not add the word ever. “Do you ever wear make-up?” It is like your mom asking you “Are you ever going to grow up” or something rhetorical like that. You know what I mean?

Now why on earth should I wear make-up to look natural? It is similar to people telling you to *act* normal. You wear make-up to look pretty. You act politely when an idiot rocks up at a party of a mutual friend. So, Mister Foreign Sales Person,  stop acting like my hero when you tell me you have a product available for me to look natural. Cyanide is also natural and you don’t see me trying to rub it into people’s faces.

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