Wow, we just hit February! Where has the first month of 2014 gone?!

It has been an exciting, exhausting, fun-filled first month with many more great stuff on its way, I am sure. I am afraid I might not have enough hours in my days to do all the things I want to do before the end of every day. My dad used to say – and maybe I have mentioned it before – that days are divided into 24 hours: 8 hours of work, 8 hours of play and 8 hours of sleep…If you need time, take it from sleep. I reckon I shall have to cut down on sleeping. Daydreaming will just have to do.

I started the new year by grouting a mosaic table I made last year – I took many hours from sleep to finish it before midnight 31 Dec 2013. My dearly beloved Candy kicked the bucket (she is my 17 year old car I got from my late granny). I finished part one of three of my novel (if all goes well, I might just be ready with a manuscript by June – hold thumbs!). I had my (in)famous mole removed. As silly as this seems, but it is quite devastating to get rid of something you have been carrying around for so many years…and now you just have the scar to tell the tale. I burnt my ear with my hair straightener. Yes, it happens to many people all the time, but this particular time was almost something to write a back page article about! Then we flew out of January into the year of the horse to watch a super-amazing Springsteen concert in Jo’burg.

And here I am on the first Sunday of February 2014…sitting in front of my computer wishing a slight hangover away while counting the events to look forward to for the next month. Happy new Chinese year to you all. Let’s hope the horse brings many surprises in his carriage!






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