For a very long time, I have felt this need to do kickboxing. Well, in 11th grade my GP suggested I take up a form of action sport to get rid of this thing he referred to as built-up aggression. Yes, I know 🙄 At the mere age of seventeen, I apparently had issues. The only thing though; in a small town like Lydenburg, my options were very limited. The most actiony sports available were team or I-need-a-partner sports. I didn’t like that. I still don’t. So I refused to embark on this sporty journey.

Let me just explain to you how I feel about sport: Nothing. I don’t like it. I don’t play nicely with teammates. I don’t like being sweaty. I don’t like running. And I don’t like going to the gym because the spinning class’ people are far too noisy, the boot camp’s guy gives me a pain just hearing him yell orders at people who pay him to do that?! And the people. I don’t understand why on earth someone would plaster that amount of makeup on their face just to sweat it off. On the other hand, I love yoga. It is quiet. You spend 90 minutes concentrating on your breathing and 30 minutes thereof you spend lying on your back doing what I suppose is meditating. And the rule is: Be kind to yourself. I can do that. And even though I don’t go to yoga classes anymore, I still stretch daily and stand on my head from time to time. I am flexible like that 😏

Many years later – apparently I still have issues – I decided to take the step. I looked into places that offer this type of activity and came across Evolution MMA not too far from home. (You know, it is close to PE’s local Richmond Hill Brewery. They serve homebrewed gin, so I know the area fairly well.) Firstly, I had no idea what MMA meant. Mixed Martial Arts. That sounded sorta like what I had in mind. I then made the mistake of googling MMA. My dearest sweet soul was that a mistake! Big girls. With big arms and big everything. I was petrified by just looking at the pictures.

BUT, I decided to stick to the plan. A couple of messages later I arranged to be a spectator at an MMA Fitness class. And, since I was prejudice about the whole mixed martial arts combined with fitness, I took Hubbles and the human boy child with for second and tiny third opinions. The music started. ACDC. Fabulous. Guns n Roses. Oh yes. And then a couple of other songs I need to add to a future playlist. So far, I was sold on the soundtrack.

Then the class started. A little bit of running which I think I might be able to manage. Jumping with two feet at the same time, which might be an issue. Punching, which is why I am here. And some other activities I can imagine would make me sweat. Sure, there were a couple of activities that needed a partner, but not the I-rely-on-you-to-be-able-to-attend partner. Random stand-around partners. But, what I immediately picked up: no one was screaming or yelling. The master-person was encouraging without sounding pushy. And that really really sold it. Afterwards, everyone stands in a row and congratulate each other on a great session. I saw encouragement. Respect. Support. I saw something that I finally might be willing to do. For myself.

So great, I am starting out a one week trial run next week. Wish me luck and please don’t say “break a leg!”

Yours in strange excitement,





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