So clearly it is taking me a while to get my creative juices flowing. BUT I am not beating myself up about it. There is the Same Size, Same Price, No Signature exhibition coming up that I really, really want to submit a piece for, but I just can’t seem to get it right. So now what? The deadline is next week!

I pin before falling asleep, almost every single night. The husband says it keeps me awake, but I disagree (surprise! 😉 ). Scrolling through billions of beautiful things calms me down and makes me fall asleep quicker. One evening quite a couple of months ago, I came across Rachel Rose’s website, Workshop Muse, and was intrigued by her outlook on things. I signed up for her free course straight away. Who does not enjoy a freebie, right! Especially since it involves being creative and getting the best out of it. Although I did not follow the process as intensely as I wish I had, I am now super amped to start again. And, who knows! I might just be able to get an artwork ready before the end of next week.

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