Last night hubby brought these badges for me from his trip to Spar. They were for sale in aid of a charity against women and child abuse. When I asked why he bought two, he answered: “You give me enough trouble for two women.”

I thought about a story my sister told me the other day:

Once upon a time there was a kind farmer who got really ill. The animals – who loved him dearly – were worried about him and decided to help him get better soon. They gathered at the huge apple tree where they always came together to discuss matters around the farm.

The cow said: “I can give the farmer milk to drink. My babies always feel better when they drink milk.” The other animals cheered at this thought. The chicken flapped her wings and said: “I recently laid huge eggs. The farmer would certainly get energy and strength from those!” More cheers came from the animals. A little pig stepped forward and said: “I don’t have any milk to give and I can’t lay any eggs…” The animals looked at the little piggy and wondered what he would offer. “…but I can give the farmer my bacon.”

Sometimes in life people offer all they can…but other people offer all they have.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Door of Hope Orphanage? In Port Elizabeth we have a certain extraordinary woman, Mama Gladys, who looks after 31 orphaned children. I am sure it is obvious which character she is in our tale about a cow, a chicken and a little piggy.

It is not that I doubt the fact that I give my husband enough trouble for the count of two wives (sometimes even three!), but I most certainly think Mama Gladys deserves a badge of her own on National Women’s Day today.


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