A really good friend of mine has trouble keeping his thoughts to himself. Which is a great thing and that is why we are friends. He never fails to amuse me with quick comments about anything. Unless you yourself become the topic of discussion, of course!

We were chatting about our wedding almost ten years ago and he would not believe me that my dress was pink and yellow. Well, in all fairness, he does perceive me as Wednesday Addams and a flowery dress in pink and yellow does not exactly live up to my funeral facade. So I got up and fetched the album…

Paging through it in disbelief, he put down the album, looked up and said: Well Mo, you still look the same but Lana! You look a little worn. Sure, it was nearly a decade ago, but I realised how run down I a) felt at the time and b) must have looked! Working full-time from home at that stage meant I hardly ever got out of the house. Sure, I got dressed (in jeans and the top shirt in the cupboard or a dress if I haven’t done washing for a while – either with slippers) and I brushed my teeth. Sometimes also my hair. Him also being a freelancer meant that he saw me any time of any day in whichever outfit I was wearing.

Was I upset about his comment? Not for a minute. I expect honesty from everyone I meet, even more so from a best friend. The following day I went to clicks, bought Sorbet’s anti-ageing skincare range – the whole set! I created this eye cream to fix my tired puffy eyes and upped my intake of water. A few weeks down the line I woke up one morning feeling great after a good night’s sleep. I decided to get up, get dressed and show up, even just for myself. I put on a favourite dress and made an effort with my tiny collection of makeup. (I own an eyeliner, base, BB cream and mascara. Lipgloss and lipliner for real special occasions.) As fate would have it he popped in for coffee on this particular day. “Wow, Lana! You are glowing. Are you pregnant again?”

So there, I learned something. Honesty goes a long way. And so does a little bit of makeup. Get up, get dressed and show up. You can always go home early 😉

Sending you lipgloss kisses,

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