Charcoal is my favourite art medium. I love it because it is messy and not as delicate as pencil. Truth be told, I am not a fan of drawing with pencil. As soon as you get going the pencil needs to be sharpened again. And I am yet to find a sharpener that actually does what it is supposed to be doing. What I also love about charcoal is that mistakes can be fixed easily. Not that I have ever had an issue with tearing up an artwork when I don’t like it, but it gets a bit more difficult when you reach that point where you actually do start to like it.

A couple of years ago hubby and I took my mom to Nieu Bethesda and my mom fell in love with this random woman. She made me take a picture of a complete stranger so I can draw her in charcoal. Well, from the valley of Nieu Bethesda, this is Sarah. She was done on A2 paper and will soon be hanging in my mom’s library.

Many hugs,

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