A dear friend of mine, who recently entered the graphic design field, was telling me that he was busy typing out his resignation letter as we were having our conversation. I smiled as I replied. “A resignation letter must the most liberating thing in the world. Smiley face.”


Well, most of the time. After we concluded our conversation with a “Don’t worry, three months from now you will laugh your arse off about it” I started recalling my letters of resignation and the emotion that tagged along…

  1. August 2005 – How exciting! Not only was this my very first resignation letter, but I also left for a new city in an entirely different province.
  2. February 2007 – Phew. No plan B. Quitting was the plan.
  3. March 2008 – I cried. I loved my job, but a new career opened its door and I had to barge in.
  4. December 2008 – I cried. Uncontrollably. My mom gave me a glass of wine just after 8am to make me feel better.
  5. February 2011 – Most liberating letter ever.

I suppose my list of resignation letters end here. For now, in any ways. No matter how many times I shout at myself  “I quit!” “I can’t take this” “I hate you, you slave driver!” along with all the %$&# characters on my keyboard, but the next morning we wake up and we work together again.

(Un)fortunately, you can’t quit yourself.

I quit

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