I have been trying this new thing for the last couple of days and I believe it has made a significant impact on my life. Generally, I am a happy person. I enjoy an inappropriate joke at the most inappropriate time, I appreciate the laughter coming from the school grounds a house or two away and I love embracing little moments as they pass me by. So yes, I guess that makes me a happy person.

But…Am I thankful? Sure I am. And very much so. But am I saying it enough? No. Not even close to enough. Over the weekend we adjusted the tiny human’s diet slightly. We went with our gut feeling as opposed to instructions. Nothing major, but to a two-year-old diabetic even the slightest change can be a disaster – or a great thing as in our case. As we took the measurements even more paranoidly than before, closely documenting the results, I came to realise that every time it was a good reading, I’d say: I am so happy for this! Of course I am happy. What is there to not be happy about? I mean, we went from a couple of rollercoaster weeks to a slightly more constant, above-average, stable reading. Two days in a row! Two days might not sound that impressive, but when you are at the verge of pulling your hair out, two days of stability is something to down a bottle of bubblies for.

What I realised was that I was not only happy about it, but also thankful. So, along with our kid’s diet, I changed something in myself too. Instead of saying “I am so happy about it!” I started saying “I am so thankful for it”. The difference in me as a person is miraculous. You should try it for a day or two and see how your inner-peace levels stabilise 😉

With love from a thankful (happy) heart,

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