At the beginning of every single year I have all intentions to make gifts for my family and friends as birthday presents. Well, I kinda failed at it again this year. Hubby’s gift was approximately two and a half months late… And my friend’s birthday gift, just about the same. Yeah, you see how that idea worked out for me.

But…Over the past couple of weeks I actually got that far to make TWO gifts for friends – and it was not even their birthdays! Well, it was at some stage during the year, but that is not relevant now. Yay me either or. Although the one gift was just a digital poster-thingy from a “you-will-meet-your-deadline” private joke, it still counts, because I made it solely for her. And the other was something I saw on Pinterest a while ago that I have been dying to make. And then you have a friend who screams “I am perfect for this!” – in my head it sounded like that. The army mannetjies are from my birthday party’s cupcakes. If you like, you can download the glitter pictures by right-clicking on the images below and saying “save link as”. I made a silver one and a golden one, but the golden one just shouted kitsch! a little louder 😉

Cheers to giving!
Much love,


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