1. Lemony Snicket
    Adam Duritz (Counting Crows’ lead singer): I have so many questions to ask him!
  2. Adam Sandler: Purely for entertainment.
  3. Andy Warhol: This should be fun.
  4. Brad Silberling (director of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events): Mainly out of curiosity, I suppose.
  5. Britney Spears: Chick’s night out!
  6. Bruce Springsteen: Also many, many questions to ask him…and just to stare at him for a while 😉
  7. Bruce Willis: I will feel safe with this man in the bar…
  8. Dallas Clayton (Creator of An Awesome Book): What a humble person to be drinking with!
  9. Daniel Handler (would the real Lemony Snicket please stand up?): Uhh, all of the above?
  10. Ingrid Jonker: Just to tell her everything would be OK and that she writes beautifully.
  11. Kris Kristofferson: You know, to talk about poetry and stuff.
  12. Laura Esquivel (author of Like water for chocolate): If she is only half as lovely as her books, it would really be worth a hangover.
  13. Neil Diamond: Cracklin’ Rosie, coming up!
  14. Neil Gaiman (author of Mirrormask): Can you say f.a.s.c.i.n.a.t.i.n.g?
  15. Nick Hornby (author of A long way down): A dark and cosy pub for dark and lovely humour.
  16. Oliver Stone: Not sure why, but I really would love to meet this man.
  17. Roald Dahl: Need I say more?
  18. Theodor Seuss Geisel: Innocent fun?
  19. Tim Burton: Less innocent. Extremely fascinating.
  20. Valerie Thomas (author of Winnie the Witch): I don’t see her as a tequila-person, but oh my! Imagine it!
  21. Vincent van Gogh: I think he needed tequila. I also want to tell him I adore his work and think it was a very lovely – yet creepy – present he gave to the girl at the brothel.


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