I finally smudged something other than paint!

I finally smudged something other than paint!

For some time there has been an overflow of smudging and “not enough sage in the world” and why you need to smudge posts in my Pinterest feed. Of course, repetition makes things stick (no pun intended) with you for longer. So, I read up on this whole smudging thing, and last weekend, I gave it my first attempt.

What is Smudging?
According to Spiritual Traditions, Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 2001, smudging is originally a Native American tradition used for purification of the self and sacred spaces. Smudging is the use of sage rolled up into a stick that is lit up until is starts smouldering. You then spread the smoke through the sacred space you are cleansing or around yourself or another person. Using a feather is optional. Sage – or Sacred Herb as known by the Romans – is, apart from a culinary herb, a medicinal herb known to treat infections, clear headaches and heal wounds. It is also believed to be a mental stimulant. (Aromatherapy an A-Z, The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd, Patricia Davis, 1988)

How did I do it?
Well, not that Hubbles has a problem with my spiritual traditions, it is somewhat awkward performing them when he is around. So I took a gap when himself and the tiny human went grocery shopping. (Yeah, I know. Our household and chores are somewhat twisted.) There is this lovely little shop called Kaleidoscope I recently came across that sells smudge sticks. I am not sure where else in Port Elizabeth you can find these, though. So, there I was all by myself walking through the house with a burning stick that smelled a bit like dope. Chanting is a bit weird, so I just smudged every room in the house thinking of the stuff that I’d like to go away. Here is an article on how exactly to do it. I let the last part of the stick burn out in my studio and placed my crystals on the plate to clean them too.

Will I do it again?
Another article I read on smudging (I did not bookmark it!) started off with saying something in the lines of “you know how your coffee tastes funny on a certain day?”, which is an indication of bad energies being in your house. I don’t like it when my coffee tastes funny. And, since I smudged our house, my coffee has been tasting just fine. So yes, I will carry on doing it. What I would change though are the smudge stick herbs. Aromatherapy an A-Z states rosemary and lavender both have healing properties and numerous articles suggest these two herbs can also be used to smudge. I feel if you don’t like the smell of your smudge, make another plan.

Yours in strange traditions,

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