Rediscovering my art supplies

Rediscovering my art supplies

A good couple of birthdays ago my eldest sister gave me an asked-for set of watercolour pencils. Why I added this to my birthday wish list I am still not sure. a) I don’t like watercolour and b) pencil is not my favourite medium either. But I wanted watercolour pencils.

Not too long ago I organised my studio slightly and rediscovered them in a drawer. I like doodling when I am just standing around waiting for the rice to cook or waiting for a document to upload or whatever. It makes me look busy and I like looking busy. So, I picked up the pencils and created this picture just for the fun of it. It is rather silly and I know the lines are very crooked, but I kind of liked where the image was going. I made my friend a farewell card and crystal chart afterwards which came out better. Sadly so I don’t have pictures of those but will take some when I visit her some day.

This exercise made me realise that, even though something is not your favourite medium, does not mean you should not use it. Even if it is just for the sake of being silly.

Yours in colour,

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