New York, New York

New York, New York

Wondering what to do with left-over paint? Well, I have a slight – yet remarkable – obsession with New York city. Never been there, but it is on my bucket list. Living in a “renovator’s dream” often leaves you with lots and lots of little bits of paint.

So, here’s the plan:

What you will need:

  1. Canvas
  2. Lino Tile (or a novilon tile if you don’t have a lino one)
  3. Blades
  4. 3-4 Different shades of paint
  5. Roller and paint brushes

Draw yourself a city scape (or download one) here instead). You can work on any amount of canvasses you like. I chose four 1700mm x 700mm (only because I was planning a room divider initially).

lana land DIY projects

Download a seamless pattern. Keep in mind that a simpler pattern would be easier to carve out. Here is the one I used in PDF format and here you can search for other pretty ones from Vecteezy. You might want to pick a two-colour pattern to make it easier to know where to scrape the tile out and where not to. The pieces you scrape out will not be printed.

Now, draw the city on your canvas.

Print your pattern onto a piece of paper. Paste the paper on top of a lino tile (or novilon tile). Make sure the paper with the printed pattern fits the tile perfectly. Carve the pieces out that you DON’T want to show.

lana land lino tile carving


Pick your colours (I used two shades of yellow for the background, dark purple for the buildings and white for the main focus.)

Paint the background of your canvas. Leave the buildings unpainted for now.

lana land new york city skyline

lana land lino tile carving

Cover the carved-out tile with paint.

Start from a corner and press the tile firmly down onto the canvas. Repeat until the whole background is covered with your pattern. You might want to wipe the tile in between the presses so your paint won’t smear that much.

lana land lino tile pressing


When you are done printing your pattern, neatly paint the buildings in another colour. I added white as an accent.

And voila!

new york skyscraper

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