Song of the Moment | Like Teenage Gravity

Song of the Moment | Like Teenage Gravity

As with everything else, I go through music phases too. I will find or rediscover a song and listen to it at least three times a day until I know the lyrics off by heart and can sing it to the tiny human at bedtime without having to mime.

I am a die-hard Counting Crows fan. As in DIE HARD. A couple of years ago I bought their album, Underwater Sunshine, and sadly so have not had a chance to listen to all the songs at least a hundred times. Well, it sounds a little contradictory since I am such a huge fan that I have not had a chance to thoroughly listen to it. Well, here’s the thing: My CD player won’t play CD’s anymore. My computer’s disc drive is *still* not working. And my laptop is either busy or stored away from tiny hands. The only place I have to get a proper go at CD’s is in my car, and I do not get out much. Lately, I have been driving quite a bit, which is fabulous in the sense that I can actually listen to my CD properly.

My initial favourite from the album was Ooh La La. But on Wednesday a random line from another track got stuck in my head.

if it feels like fallin’, boy, you probably already fell

Sure, after I listened to the song a couple of times I realised what it was about, but at that particular moment, I honestly felt like I was falling. You know, a tough day. One where I was longing for people I don’t know, lack of concentration due to sleep deprivation, an I-just-want-my-mom kind of day. And I realised, yup, I already fell. And it is time to get up. (Before you realise that you already fell.)

So I have been listening to Like Teenage Gravity since then. Every time I get into the car, I replay it and I follow the storyline. That’s what I love most about Counting Crows; there is always a story. The original version was done by Kasey Anderson and The Honkies, but for a damn good reason, Counting Crows decided to add it to their shelf full of stories. And I love it.

Listen to it, it will change your life forever.

Yours in sentimental thoughts,

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