Winnie the Witch

Winnie the Witch

As kids we used to visit my gran on her farm. Whenever she had stuff to do in town, she would drop us off at the local library and stop for Aylesbury ice cream on our way back home. In that library, which felt pretty much like part of our childhood home, I met a character which I grew really fond of. Winnie the Witch. Not only was I fascinated by her magic (I always had a strange interest in the abnormal), but I also admired the tiny creatures always hiding in a dark corner or a frog hanging out of her pocket. My granny and sisters could never quite get why I would take the book out EVERY SINGLE TIME. I just never got bored with it. (I get bored real easily!)

Years after, I found a 6-in-1 collection book and fell in love with Winnie all over again. And still, after I have paged through it maybe a hundred times, I still see new characters making their way from a dark corner or jumping from pockets.

The other day I had a little bit of time to spare and found her – really fun – cyber home. You should give it a visit…She even allows you to make a door hanger with her and Wilbur’s pictures on!

I hope she becomes your bestest friend too.

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