I know where I am going

I know where I am going

A couple traveling through Europe was standing at a bus stop waiting to continue their journey. A young African man stood at the same stop as themselves. While waiting for their transport to arrive, they started to chit-chat about one thing and the other. Eventually the young man told them that he was born in Nigeria, adopted as a small baby and brought to Europe. As he grew up he could not help to wonder where he came from and what his people and country were like. His friends encouraged him to travel to Africa to delve into his ethnic descent. With high expectations he started his expedition towards Africa. Spirited? Courageous? Naive maybe?

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The very first day he set foot in his motherland he got robbed. After he nearly got arrested for documenting his journey towards his roots – he was taking pictures and got accused of spying –  he got onto the next airplane and flew right back home. Still standing at the bus stop, he said to the couple: “That’s when I decided: Fuck my roots. I know where I am going.”

*This is a story my dad told me over the weekend, and is – genuinely – a true story.

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