Mondays are for being creative

Mondays are for being creative

A series of unfortunate melt-downs led to something good. It normally does 🙂 but it takes a while to get there. I had a mini-breakdown and lost my shit *almost* completely one evening after a pointless argument with the hubby. When things settled down and we all managed to collect ourselves again, Hubbles made the suggestion that had me jumping with joy; why not take time out on Mondays to be creative! Hooray for being married to someone who gets me sometimes. The only condition was that I was not allowed to blog, because that I can do after work when the kid’s asleep.

So we started three weeks ago and things are really looking great. I finished another three paragraphs of my novel (don’t judge me for taking it slow!), I completed the-more-than-ten-years anticipated painting for my sister and I completed the first character of the tiny human’s crew.

What’s really nice about the Monday-thing is that – apart from it giving me inner peace, allowing me to be creative and completing almost-forgotten art projects – it really makes the week start off on a high note. I know now that when I start something over the weekend it won’t be another week before I can work on it again, and that gets me super-amped to get shit done. I plan in advance what I will be working on, so I don’t sit around pondering what to do.

This, in essence, means that I will be able to share more with you! Is that not something to look forward to!

Yours in excitement,

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