21 Things you probably did not know about me

21 Things you probably did not know about me

There is always the element of surprise in a conversation with random strangers or even people you know really well: “I did not know that!” So I thought to share a little about myself with you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  1. I was born with twelve fingers and eleven toes. (And our tiny human was born with twelve fingers too.)
  2. Contrary to popular belief, my favourite colour is not pink. I go through phases of favourites, and at the moment I am stuck on yellow, navy and grey. Grey has probably been on my favourite colour list the longest.
  3. I don’t drink tea. Of course, there is always the exception; I only drink very sweet rooibos tea when I am ill.
  4. I am incredibly untidy. In fact, hubby explains it best with this scene from Maleficent. He says that is how chaos follows wherever I go.
  5. I am clinically diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Yay for work because every single item is in line with something and I am a spacing Nazi. Nay for the counting, the thoughts that are stuck on replay, the time consumed finding something to align, and the time and dishes it takes to cook a meal.
  6. I swear like a sailor. Please don’t upset me. I am not proud of this trait, but they reckon honest people swear more than the others. (Surely admitting this is a sign of that!)
  7. I don’t get angry, I get furious. And nobody ever believes me when I tell them this! It takes a tremendous lot of time to upset me, but oh dear, when it happens, everything I’ve been patient about boils to the surface. RUN.
  8. I am very shy and introverted. Well, I suppose more reserved than introverted. I only manage to keep my shit together because I did debate in high school where they trained us how to pretend you know what you are doing.
  9. I have four tattoos.
  10. I love rum and coke. (Gin stays my drink of choice though ๐Ÿ˜ )
  11. I can’t walk in high heels even if my life depended on it.
  12. I have never been in a bar fight. I am convinced that this is a good thing.
  13. I love listening to really, really loud music. (I am the girl singing in the car so the person behind me can hear the lyrics.)
  14. I am a mommy’s girl. I get teary and cranky if I don’t speak to her at least once a week.
  15. My favourite seasons are Summer and Autumn. I am not a fan of Winter at all, and I find Spring very cheesy. (Not because of the beauty, but because of the hooray! Hooray! people are making out of it.)
  16. I can’t sew. If I can’t fix it with superglue, epoxy glue, nails and a hammer or double-sided tape, it will remain broken. If asked to sew back a button or walk the plank, I would take the plank. Preferably not in heels.
  17. When I saw Table Mountain the first time, I did not realise it was Table Mountain. It was seventy times bigger in my mind, and I was ever so slightly incredibly disappointed. It is now ticked off my bucket list and switched over to the yeah-whatever list.
  18. I was the head girl in primary school.
  19. I can read and write in mirror.
  20. For the majority of my childhood life, I wanted to become a plastic surgeon, so I could fix the faces of children who were in accidents.
  21. If I were to choose my last meal ever, it would be bangers and mash and gravy and peas. Beetroot on the side would be lovely but is not compulsory.

Which of these did you know?

Warm hugs,



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21 (kind of) important things you have to remember

21 (kind of) important things you have to remember

1. Always know the number of a non-judgmental person in your town…you never know when you might get arrested or kicked out of your own car for driving like an ass.

2. Never fart in a lift with only two people – including yourself.

3. Know the secret hiding place of you partner’s small change.

4. Also know where their spare keys are.

5. Press ctrl+s as often as you can.

6. Hide a R100 note in your jacket’s pocket when you pack away after winter – next winter you will be thankful.

7. Also, hide a box of smokes from yourself – next end-of-the-month you will be grateful (also refer to no 3).

8. Email all your passwords to yourself (you might want to use some clever code language to not display your username or something).

9. Memorise the above email’s password.

10. When invited to a party where you won’t know many people, Google a bunch of useless information – at least you will have something to start a conversation with – even if it is with yourself.

11. Keep a spare *working* cell phone in your car’s boot. You never know when you might get mugged (or lose yours) and need to call someone (refer to no 1).

12. Never underestimate the power of a yellow crayon – it’s advised to keep one of those nearby.

13. Always be on the lookout for a hiding place. You never know when the zombies might attack.

14. When wearing stockings, make sure you twist and pull and tuck them comfortably when getting dressed. Nothing ruins a day as easily as twisted stockings.

15. Donโ€™t tease your dog when wearing stockings.

16. Donโ€™t insult anyone without making sure they are not standing behind you.

17. Donโ€™t go to the loo when you are expecting a call or company…they will ring while you are occupied.

18. When your paintbrush drips a splodge of paint on the floor, clean it immediately. Otherwise you will step in it thirty seconds later.

19. Always carry a book with you. You never know when you might have to look busy.

20. Look both ways before crossing *any* street. (I am an accident waiting to happen in parking lots…I always forget to look both ways!)

21. Always carry a spare pair of socks with you. You might get stuck in a lift and need to draw a face on them with your yellow crayon so you at least have your own puppet as company.

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