How perfection is ruining my career (and my life!)

I don't know how you feel about being perfect. Sure, it is impossible, but that was not the question. How do you feel about being perfect? It bothers me. It bothers me so much that I get days where I can't focus because of a mistake I have made or a design that just...

Working from home challenges

Working from home is awesome. You know, you get to spend the day in PJ's, you can eat over your keyboard and come and go as you please. But there are also some challenges no one tells you. Like having a 10-cups-a-day filter coffee budget. And a fancy gin budget for...

The joys of being a freelance graphic designer

One thing better than my job itself is doing my job from home. I have mentioned numerous times that I am one of the select few who can say that my worst day at the office is probably better than many other people's best days. I really love what...

I am just here for the sprinkles

Since I started MMA classes a month and a half ago, I have been thinking that I should design my own exercise shirt range. I saw this really cute shirt in Kelly Mindell's Instagram feed that said: "Here for the sprinkles." Yeah, I know sprinkles and boxing don't...

The difference between “inspired by” and “stolen from”

For some bizarre reason, people seem to struggle with what the actual difference is between inspired by and stolen from. Especially when it comes to design. I sometimes receive emails from clients requesting - usually a logo - that must look like the sample (only one...

A couple of random gifts

At the beginning of every single year I have all intentions to make gifts for my family and friends as birthday presents. Well, I kinda failed at it again this year. Hubby's gift was approximately two and a half months late... And my friend's birthday gift, just about...

Winter Patterns ♥

Hello! Just a quick freebie to warm up your heart! Click the image to download the vector file in pdf format. I hope you enjoy them ♥  

I love fonts!

I thought I'd just quickly share lovely fonts by By The Butterfly. It is not for commercial use, but you are allowed to create many lovely personal projects. Please respect the creator's rights ♥

Summer Patterns ♥

I was working on a project today and thought I might share some of my patterns with you. Click the image to download them in PDF format. Have fun!

The Human Pantone

How incredibly awesome is this! It really describes the term "rainbow nation".

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