My design alter-ego:

My design alter-ego:

Well, according to this quiz, my design alter-ego is Karla Gropius.

Achtung! As a member of the Bauhaus elite you believe in total art, clean lines and massive parties. Especially the parties.

I could not agree more…or less. What is you design alter-ego?

Karla Grosch - Bauhaus

“… this is the way I am, light-dark, warm-cold, up-down.”
~ Karla Grosch ~



On my wishlist:

On my wishlist:

With love from Desingboom‘s online shop…(In case you did not notice, consider this a blatant hint)

liquid bookmark

Liquid Bookmark

titanic pencil mug

Sinking Mug

(A very zen) cellphone stand thingie

carrot peeler sharpener

For the love of bunnies ♥

Just randomly awesome.





If Karma was a bird

If Karma was a bird

blue bird of happiness, bird poop

This afternoon I was wandering around the garden to see if my plants enjoyed the weekend’s rain and SPLAT! It fell on me!

Well, first thing that popped into my head was: Oh shit! Karma turned into a bird. But after realising how incredibly funny it actually is, I concluded that the blue bird of happiness shat on my head. Yay me!

287 down, 78 to go

287 down, 78 to go

287 Days of 2013 have dragged by flying and finally, I too, can start counting the days until 2014. Don’t get me wrong, I am not – for one second – wishing my life away, but it would be great if I could just throw away my diary and say: Screw you, 2013. I. AM. DONE.

It has indeed been a very long 287 days. It would be way too early to write down my 21 things I learned in 2013, because I might just come across some more valuable life experiences. Or useless facts I find entertaining or newsworthy. I guess to try and put down the 21 things that got to me this year would be easier if I put them down as the 21 things that DID NOT get to me during 2013.

I suppose it might just be the final push over the edge of this year that is currently working on my nerves and all the little parts of my brain that is slowly causing me to hand myself over to alcohol. I am so incredibly tired of trying to be there. To be here, right now, is currently a challenge of its own. Sucking it up and blowing it out with just one link that makes part of my need to chain smoke. Breathe in. Breath out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Don’t breathe in again, you might pass out and be able to sleep for a while without having to worry about people who are not nice; about being nice to people who are not.

Yes, that is my weakness. I just can’t seem to say no or tell someone that they are not being fair. That their service sucks and that I find it insanely rude if they do not acknowledge my emails. That they phone me, not to know whether I am fine, but to know whether I am fine to assist. Sure. Always. Any day. I would, on any day, get up two hours earlier just to help you out. Honestly. All you have to do is ask please.

Maybe that’s it! I am not tired of 2013, I am tired of being nice. Tired of putting everyone first and failing to look after myself. Tired of not using the two hours in the morning painting my toenails ten different colours, just because I can. Tired of people letting me down. Tired of people pushing me towards the point where I don’t want to acknowledge emails, where I no longer feel like being loyal. All these draining drops in the bucket cause me to become less tolerant to the things that usually would not phase me.

I am so scared of waking up tomorrow morning no longer just wanting to smile and suck it up, because maybe, just a slight maybe, Karma will one day remember that and oversee all the horrible things I have done – or might do –  in my life. At the same time, I am so disappointed in myself, because all of the above is done with love (or passion), and sadly, for the very first time, I understand what Don Henley meant when saying: “Sometimes love just ain’t enough.”

So for the next 78 days, I shall commit myself to the following:

  1. I will make time to finish my novel
  2. I will finish the paintings I have put off for so many years – with LOVE
  3. I will not ask anyone any favours: if I don’t ask, I don’t have to answer
  4. I will tell a person that their service sucks and that I will report them to Hello Peter
  5. I will say no – OK fine, I will at least try
  6. I will spend two hours one morning a week pampering myself
  7. I will remind myself to phone my granny before 7e Laan starts
  8. I will spend more time with the people I adore
  9. I will take my fluffy friends to the beach more often
  10. I will read my friend’s novel again
  11. I will give my deserted garden a little tender loving care
  12. I will start planning an exciting project for Mama Gladys and the children for the new year
  13. I will go back to writing down just five things that I am thankful for at the end of every day
  14. I will try to listen to all my favourite tracks on every album I own
  15. I will page through all my favourite books on my shelf
  16. I will take time to read the instructions of at least one product per week (simultaneously, this would make my hubby really happy ♥)
  17. I will send emails to all the people that matter just to let them know I love them
  18. I will try a new cupcake recipe every month
  19. I will try to get back to yoga class
  20. I will drink more bubblies (ok, this one was just an afterthought, but come to think of it, it is not a bad idea at all!)
  21. I will remember: If it is not done with love or with passion, it is not worth doing at all.


With slightly less love than other times








Youth is wasted on the young

Youth is wasted on the young

being an adultStanding in line, waiting for the pancake queue to get shorter, I was listening to old (now, I know old is a mind over matter thing, but these “omies” were older than my dad, who is in his sixties now) guys’ conversation on rugby and this and that. I once turned around smiling politely at a joke one of them made about their teams, but I did not make the least of efforts to join in the conversation. Firstly, I have no clue about rugby, and secondly, they are not talking to me. I suppose it is rude listening to a conversation not involving yourself, but if it is within hearing distance, you can’t really help but listen. My friend took her little boy to the jumping castle outside – he insisted and I gladly excused them – which left me waiting patiently for the line to get shorter.

Eventually I was the lucky one to be next… I have been quite confused lately and really had a lot on my mind, so my concentration levels (which are normally on a minus level) were even lower than usual. Having to work out the amount I had to pay went slower than usual. And even though I counted the money properly three places ago, I still needed to triple check it, perhaps a case of an OCD attack, who knows. The slightly annoyed person behind the counter  stated that he trusted me and did not need to check the amount for me. A little disgusted, I decided I will be as polite as I possibly could and lightheartedly joked: “I am sorry, my maths are really bad.” (Which is not at all! Except for algebra…I mean: Who cares about their X in any way?) While waiting for the pancakes to be rolled I happened to overhear the old men’s conversation again: “The youth today can’t even do maths in their heads anymore. After the 1994 elections discipline has gone out the window. They scraped religion out of the syllabus ánd taken away PT. These subjects had a major impact on discipline.” This time, I did not turn around smiling politely. In fact, I had to concentrate *really hard* to not turn around shouting at them that I am not really a post-struggle child. That I am an “inbetwener” and my maths teacher still gave us hidings if we could not do maths out of our heads. We still had to suck up useless PT while they were making us hit and kick balls and run around the field for no apparent reason. It taught me NOTHING. It only clarified that I am not becoming the next Elana Meyer. We had religion as a subject which, with all due respect, had no impact on my discipline. I always found it strange that they taught us Bible history instead of the basic principles on how to be good. A lot of kids needed that.

Extremely disgusted I took my pancakes and joined my friend and her kid outside. I told her about the incident and she started to laugh. I saw it coming, but was not sure from which way. (She has a slight sinister way of always looking at the sunny side.) “Ahh, Sweetie” she started “look at the bright side: At least they think you are part of the youth.”

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