Art Journaling

Art Journaling

So clearly it is taking me a while to get my creative juices flowing. BUT I am not beating myself up about it. There is the Same Size, Same Price, No Signature exhibition coming up that I really, really want to submit a piece for, but I just can’t seem to get it right. So now what? The deadline is next week!

I pin before falling asleep, almost every single night. The husband says it keeps me awake, but I disagree (surprise! 😉 ). Scrolling through billions of beautiful things calms me down and makes me fall asleep quicker. One evening quite a couple of months ago, I came across Rachel Rose’s website, Workshop Muse, and was intrigued by her outlook on things. I signed up for her free course straight away. Who does not enjoy a freebie, right! Especially since it involves being creative and getting the best out of it. Although I did not follow the process as intensely as I wish I had, I am now super amped to start again. And, who knows! I might just be able to get an artwork ready before the end of next week.

Hold thumbs!

Be happy (and all that other good stuff)

Be happy (and all that other good stuff)

I have been trying this new thing for the last couple of days and I believe it has made a significant impact on my life. Generally, I am a happy person. I enjoy an inappropriate joke at the most inappropriate time, I appreciate the laughter coming from the school grounds a house or two away and I love embracing little moments as they pass me by. So yes, I guess that makes me a happy person.

But…Am I thankful? Sure I am. And very much so. But am I saying it enough? No. Not even close to enough. Over the weekend we adjusted the tiny human’s diet slightly. We went with our gut feeling as opposed to instructions. Nothing major, but to a two-year-old diabetic even the slightest change can be a disaster – or a great thing as in our case. As we took the measurements even more paranoidly than before, closely documenting the results, I came to realise that every time it was a good reading, I’d say: I am so happy for this! Of course I am happy. What is there to not be happy about? I mean, we went from a couple of rollercoaster weeks to a slightly more constant, above-average, stable reading. Two days in a row! Two days might not sound that impressive, but when you are at the verge of pulling your hair out, two days of stability is something to down a bottle of bubblies for.

What I realised was that I was not only happy about it, but also thankful. So, along with our kid’s diet, I changed something in myself too. Instead of saying “I am so happy about it!” I started saying “I am so thankful for it”. The difference in me as a person is miraculous. You should try it for a day or two and see how your inner-peace levels stabilise 😉

With love from a thankful (happy) heart,

I have been baking!

I have been baking!

If you have not noticed…I have a slight obsession with cupcakes. I do think it is one of the only things where you get to make something pretty, make a mess, clean up and watch other people “wreck” your creations while having fun all the way! I am not sure whether I should be proud or slightly embarrassed, but I actually have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to cupcakes!
Kissing Cupcakes

Kissing Cupcakes


The year so far

Wow, we just hit February! Where has the first month of 2014 gone?!

It has been an exciting, exhausting, fun-filled first month with many more great stuff on its way, I am sure. I am afraid I might not have enough hours in my days to do all the things I want to do before the end of every day. My dad used to say – and maybe I have mentioned it before – that days are divided into 24 hours: 8 hours of work, 8 hours of play and 8 hours of sleep…If you need time, take it from sleep. I reckon I shall have to cut down on sleeping. Daydreaming will just have to do.

I started the new year by grouting a mosaic table I made last year – I took many hours from sleep to finish it before midnight 31 Dec 2013. My dearly beloved Candy kicked the bucket (she is my 17 year old car I got from my late granny). I finished part one of three of my novel (if all goes well, I might just be ready with a manuscript by June – hold thumbs!). I had my (in)famous mole removed. As silly as this seems, but it is quite devastating to get rid of something you have been carrying around for so many years…and now you just have the scar to tell the tale. I burnt my ear with my hair straightener. Yes, it happens to many people all the time, but this particular time was almost something to write a back page article about! Then we flew out of January into the year of the horse to watch a super-amazing Springsteen concert in Jo’burg.

And here I am on the first Sunday of February 2014…sitting in front of my computer wishing a slight hangover away while counting the events to look forward to for the next month. Happy new Chinese year to you all. Let’s hope the horse brings many surprises in his carriage!






Many happy wishes

People often say things out of habit and because they think it is the right thing to say. Your normal “how are you” and “good thanks” and “happy new year” are great examples.

Recently a friend of mine posted this onto Facebook and I thought to myself that more generous wishes could not be wished. That lots of thought went into this and that it is not just a phrase that has been shouted a thousand times before. I truly am thankful that she sprinkled so many happy thoughts upon her friends. And I feel blessed because I am included.

happy new year

So, maybe for the year that has just landed upon us, we could all reconsider our verbal habits. Don’t ask someone how they are if you don’t really want to know. If someone asks “how are you?” think about it for a little while. We are not all “good” everyday. Somedays we are doing GREAT. If a person asked you how you are, certainly they would appreciate the fact that you are great and not just fine?

After thinking about this for a couple of days I decided: My sincere wish to you for the next 365 days is to be inspired by the people you know and – in return – be an inspiration to them… and to the people you do not know.

Many hugs


My design alter-ego:

Well, according to this quiz, my design alter-ego is Karla Gropius.

Achtung! As a member of the Bauhaus elite you believe in total art, clean lines and massive parties. Especially the parties.

I could not agree more…or less. What is you design alter-ego?

Karla Grosch - Bauhaus

“… this is the way I am, light-dark, warm-cold, up-down.”
~ Karla Grosch ~



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